Friday, 29 July 2011

kenyan for kenyans

Today that is the theme. and everybody in Kenya is wondering what to believe. putting all finger pointing aside everybody is trying to see that if there is a Kenyan or any other person in this blessed country of Kenya does not go hungry.

Its a bit startling to listen the statements made by the Prime Minister,Government spokesman,red cross and now safaricom KCB and the media. But the thing is whatever is wrong should be corrected. and it will requires simple and effective ways to make sure that this kind of thing does not happen.

It is also good that government logistics department is sending in the disciplined forces to network the issues on the ground. then its proper that they provide the food and tame the environment there are many ways to do it but we also find that the Groasis water-box is a piece of treasure that can be planted strategically just as mines would. 

If done as at should and the government has the capacity to to undertake this kind of program.
There are experts already increasing forest land using this techniques. lets not be people who wait for things to happen and we begin pointing fingers. it is a chance to help the communities up there revive the land.

We firmly believe that stake holders are able to do this kind of thing if they want. then we will be preparing a green future‘

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