Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Children in lucky summer learning about waste management. they have for the past 30 days collected so many packets storing them in there own back yards. a simple example from children to the youth who roam around kasarani constituency,

That the waste problem can be contained in simple ways,other than waiting for the waste to reach our streets, and then come out in large groups to clean the same waste that should not have reached that point in the first place.

It all about approach. waste management steps first, DUMPING later not the other way round.

Please let us not make the estate dirty and start pointing fingers at the government, NCC etc. We shall keep this project alive by doing what we can when we can. That is to manage our waste
Seline June(second from left) is the children's Waste management project leader

(video link to this story comimming up soon)

Friday, 11 November 2011

Tosha self help, Democrats, Humble groups representatives fuel from waste and tree planting is combination that will help make our environment clean.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I salute you all.

It was a pleasure to find out that there are issues being discussed about waste management in our locations. it is important to work on real life solutions in order to achieve our goals.

We are glad that those who attended this meeting addressed the issues that affect the community. WASTE PROBLEM should be turned to Fuel from waste FfW

with interest we noted that the issue of waste was a thorn in the flesh and it is time to deal with it it is for this reason that we campaign for fuel from waste. there are already three major organizations that are working on this issue on a serious matter the The Hook wishes to pass this links to you so that together we can work make Sustainable fuel;Sustainable jobs;Better communities. there are many ways to do it keep an eye for upcoming events by following this  links

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Do not hesitate to consult for further assistance

The Future is Ours 

Sunday, 23 October 2011

We salute you all you all,

It was great to have met you at the waste management event at the giraffe center. Our team and our partners are happy that the event was successful.

A One a We Self help group and many groups affiliated to it, will benefit from the information that we got from the giraffe center. We have been going through the documents and we noticed that there will be need to tackle the issue of waste in a systematic manner.

we also notice that the some groups represented are already taking advantage of fuel from waste. We will continue to turn waste into fuel our projected goal is to produce 3 million briquettes starting yesterday. and are working on the best way possible to achieve this goal.

The conclusion of your workshop  is very interesting. We are already making steps towards that direction and I quote

“In the Kenyan constitution, Bill of Rights , articles 42
and 70 “ Every Person has the right to a clean
and healthy environment…

Finally, international organizations, with the
full participation of NGOs and local
authorities, should support the creation of a
regional network which promotes waste
recycling and reuse. Relationships between
city planners, the private sector, NGOs,
CBOs and recycling industries would be
useful in sharing innovations and best
practices in waste management. Such a
network could also result in a powerful”

We at A one a we and partners are happy to be part of the already existing Kenyan and African networks. we know that we shall collectively work on a strategic plan that will clean Nairobi.

This is just the tip of an iceberg,you can see some action via this link   http://youtu.be/kX-VzZZJExI

Waste management Tot

The Hook once again has joined hands with other partner organizations to campaign for fuel from waste. A One a We self help group a attended a training funded by A.F.E.W. at the giraffe center Nairobi. the main discussion topic was waste management .

The Three day event was a success. But there is need to engage more groups to make fuel from waste.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Mary a youth leader in kasarani taking the current height

The Garbage problem should be dealt with urgently

The Hook and Tosha self help discuss strategies at the amazing cafe

Sunday, 9 October 2011

The hook meets the humble group.

We introduce fuel from waste campaign  to Humble youth group in kariobangi Nairobi. humble youth group is involved in garbage collection. we shall review their system of handling waste and make this information available.

We believe this is a step to a big solution to waste management in Nairobi and further.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

To  Further the the work of Wangari Mathaai. The Hut of Orphans of Kenya (The Hook)  has pledged to make 3,000,000 briquettes, an average of one briquette per person in Nairobi. This will involve reduction,reuse and recycle of waste by turning it to fuel this save a percentage of trees cut for fuel, This will have an impact on the Environment.

We shall update everyone on any events taking place out here. We also thank Koch Fm a local community radio station for highlighting the issue of of waste management.


Friday, 7 October 2011

The hut of Orphans of Kenya is working with youth groups that are involved in garbage collection, they interact with the people on a one to one basis during this daily activities they can and will play a major role in the spreading the word of peace.

We hope to recruit as many youth to participate in issues that will stabilize this country as possible, as we create a sustainable society.

The issue of waste managements is still at its lowest and its time to tackle this issues strategically. fuel from waste can play a major roll in controlling urban litter.

Friday, 29 July 2011

kenyan for kenyans

Today that is the theme. and everybody in Kenya is wondering what to believe. putting all finger pointing aside everybody is trying to see that if there is a Kenyan or any other person in this blessed country of Kenya does not go hungry.

Its a bit startling to listen the statements made by the Prime Minister,Government spokesman,red cross and now safaricom KCB and the media. But the thing is whatever is wrong should be corrected. and it will requires simple and effective ways to make sure that this kind of thing does not happen.

It is also good that government logistics department is sending in the disciplined forces to network the issues on the ground. then its proper that they provide the food and tame the environment there are many ways to do it but we also find that the Groasis water-box is a piece of treasure that can be planted strategically just as mines would. 

If done as at should and the government has the capacity to to undertake this kind of program.
There are experts already increasing forest land using this techniques. lets not be people who wait for things to happen and we begin pointing fingers. it is a chance to help the communities up there revive the land.

We firmly believe that stake holders are able to do this kind of thing if they want. then we will be preparing a green future


fuel from waste 2011

The Hut of Orphans of Kenya exhibited at fuel from waste and contributed to the creative planning for the future road map for sustainable briquette fuel from biomass waste, for kenya.

Sustainable fuel;

sustainable jobs;

better communities  

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

fuel from waste

Mr. Maoebe at the presentation

following the proceedings

a lot of enthusiast and presenters