Sunday, 23 October 2011

We salute you all you all,

It was great to have met you at the waste management event at the giraffe center. Our team and our partners are happy that the event was successful.

A One a We Self help group and many groups affiliated to it, will benefit from the information that we got from the giraffe center. We have been going through the documents and we noticed that there will be need to tackle the issue of waste in a systematic manner.

we also notice that the some groups represented are already taking advantage of fuel from waste. We will continue to turn waste into fuel our projected goal is to produce 3 million briquettes starting yesterday. and are working on the best way possible to achieve this goal.

The conclusion of your workshop  is very interesting. We are already making steps towards that direction and I quote

“In the Kenyan constitution, Bill of Rights , articles 42
and 70 “ Every Person has the right to a clean
and healthy environment…

Finally, international organizations, with the
full participation of NGOs and local
authorities, should support the creation of a
regional network which promotes waste
recycling and reuse. Relationships between
city planners, the private sector, NGOs,
CBOs and recycling industries would be
useful in sharing innovations and best
practices in waste management. Such a
network could also result in a powerful”

We at A one a we and partners are happy to be part of the already existing Kenyan and African networks. we know that we shall collectively work on a strategic plan that will clean Nairobi.

This is just the tip of an iceberg,you can see some action via this link

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